Bella Dee’s Soaps, Bath and Spa Products

We offer you fun and luxurious varieties of special use soaps. Choose from aroma-therapeutic, herbal, deodorant, facial, fragrance free for babies and even one for pooch! Dona Dougall Sosa, Hillview, Santa Elena, Cayo

Iry’s Butterfly Art

Making art from butterflies which die of natural causes is not something that would pop up firstly when thinking of Belize. Baron Neal, the artist: does not let these beautiful creatures go to waste and proves that creative talent can be used in a very interesting and sustainable way. Next to the Morpho butterfly, collected in the Chaa Creek Butterfly Farm, different colorful butterflies are also collected from Green Hills Butterfly Farm in the Cayo District. Sometimes I use feathers or leaves to improve my artwork. The glass is cut and purchased from a local glass shop as well as the wooden frame which holds the creations.

StoneTree Records

Belizean music recording studio and albums. 35 Elizabeth St, Benque Viejo del Carmen.


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