was done mostly as a service to help Belizean artists and craftspeople to find markets for their creations. We went to the Village Art and Craft Expo in Belize City on 31 August 2013, and took lots of photos and got what information we could. We gave everyone a free listing on, and let them know that they could have more information placed on the site for a small fee.

We encountered two problems over the next few years. One is that not a single one of them ever paid us to upgrade their listing. This means that we have paid all the costs of creating and maintaining this site all these years. But that isn’t the major problem. We might have been able to justify it as our contribution to Belize arts and crafts.

The more important problem is keeping the information current. We began to realize that it was difficult if not impossible to contact many of those artists and craftspeople, and if the information on the website is not accurate, we cannot be sure it is actually helping anyone.

So we have re-done the website. Now we will place links here to active websites and Facebook pages. This way we can occasional visit the links and see if it looks like they are active. If not we will delete them, and add them back later if they become active again.

If you would like to be listed, or change your listing, or even delete it, please Contact Us.


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