Regular listings on are free. They are provided free as a service to our viewers. If you'd like to be listed, please fill out our Contact Form.

Every listing, including a free listing, has a "mini-page" which can be used like a tiny web page. But you might like to increase your exposure to potential customers.

There are three ways to increase your marketing exposure. One is by purchasing a Premium Listing, another is by getting a Banner Ad, and the last is to have us create a Websito for you.

Premium Listing

A Premium Listing includes more information than the regular listing, and a distinctive heading to make it stand out. It also shows a photo in the listing itself, and includes up to 6 photos on the mini-page with no extra charge. The cost for a Premium Listing is only $50 Belize per year.

Banner Ad

A Banner Ad appears on the right side of the page. They appear to be random, but actually, the last one seen is the first one to be shown on the page. A banner ad that will appear on all pages on the website except the home page is $80 BZD per year. For an additional $50 Bz it will appear on the home page also.


A Websito is like a small website. It can have several pages and can include photos, text, links, and other components. You get an easy to remember web address. For example, if your organization name is Garcia Crafts, your web address could be

With a Websito, you also get a Premium Listing AND a Banner Ad, for only $150 Bz per year. For an extra $50 Bz per year, the Banner Ad can also appear on the home page.


For special development work, or frequent changes, we charge $30 Bz per hour. But most Premium Listings, Banner Ads, and Websitos are done with no extra charge for development or minor occasional changes.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We don't charge you until after you are satisfied. We don't consider it a useful relationship unless you and we are all happy with it.

More About Our Websites

You can find much more about our websites at

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