Carlos Carrillo was born in Corozal Town in 1996. He started drawing at the age of nine and noticed that people were saying positive things about his drawings and so he bagan to develop his God given talent.

At the age of thirteen he won gold in the Festival of Arts because of his drawings in 2010. Shortly Carlos was invited to participate in the Institute of Creative Arts-Corozal Committee’s Summer Arts Program. The following summer he again participated and continued to develop his artistic style.

Carlos is currently at the top of his class in the Developmental Art Program, initiated in October 2011 by the institute of Creative Arts-Corozal Committee and in October 2012 the course changed sponsorship to the Corozal Organization Leading Cultural Heritage and Art (COLCHA). The developmental Art Program is a two year program that focuses on giving a strong fundamental foundation in the visual arts, consisting of twelve talented young artists.

Since February 2012, Carlos has been successfully selling his artwork at the monthly event Art in the Park in Corozal Town, a very popular event that takes place at Corozal Central Park. You should be able to find him there! His phone number is 501-650-9267.

Carlos assisted the visual arts instructor Hilberto Trujillo in the ICA Summer Arts Program in 2012, in the villages of Xaibe and Patchakan. Carlos was the Poster Youth for Corozal in 2012. The COLCHA committee has been witness to this young man’s potential and has facilitated his developing career.

In August of 2013 Carlos was exhibiting his work at the BTB Expo in Belize City, when the renowned Belizean artist Pen Cayetano happened by, and was so impressed with Carlos' work that he bought one!

Carlos has also found many admirers and collectors lately and some are promoting his work on the Facebook group Corozal Arts and Crafts. Scroll through to find him!

Carlos was one of the artists featured this year in June, 2014 in the exhibit "Men at Work." He was also one of two young artists featured in the "Imagination...Youth Art Exhibit" in August, 2014. Both were at the Corozal House of Culture. These exhibits are featured on the following page, Exhibits.

“My life is now great and I want to be a Belizean artist. That’s my dream.”

Carlos is always interested in finding new ways to express himself artistically, and uses any medium he has an opportunity to try. We will be showcasing those on his website here. Here are some examples of his work. Click for a bigger view.

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