Arts and Crafts in Belize

This website,, is dedicated to the great arts and crafts produced in Belize.


The Directory is a place for artists, craftspeople, and shops in Belize. Regular listings are free and we are always adding new ones. If you are not listed and you'd like to list your arts and crafts, you can fill out the contact form and send it to us.

Every listing has a "mini-page" which is accessed by clicking on the small magnifying glass icon on the right of the listing. Each mini-page has a number which appears in the browser address bar. Mini- pages for Premium Listings have a lot more information. For details see our page on Advertising.

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Formerly, we are changing our name to to make it clear that we are not affiliated with the good folks at Belize Crafts, Ltd., who produce Maya Bags. We did not know of their company name when we registered See their listing here.

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